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About Protean Footwear

Currently, athletes need to carry three different pairs of shoes to be prepared for the various field conditions they may encounter. These include: turf, metal, and molded cleats.

The solution to this problem is Protean Footwear. Protean Footwear combines the advantages of three different pairs of shoes into one pair. This makes athletic bags lighter and allows for athletes to put more necessary equipment they need in their bags so they can perform their best.

Using our patent pending technology of having interchangeable soles, Protean Footwear allows athletes to change out the soles of their shoes to adapt to various field conditions.

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Softball Clinics Interest

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in attending a softball clinic led by Rachel Garcia, Olympic silver medalist, national champion, and professional softball player!

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Coach Bus Trip to Athletes Unlimited - Rosemont, Illinois

If you are interested in attending 2 Athletes Unlimited fastpitch softball games on Saturday, August 10th, please fill out the form below!

Cost would be $55 for a spot on the coach bus and a ticket for the doubleheader fastpitch softball games. If you prefer to drive separately, tickets for the day would be available for $20. We would have a section as a group for the game. Pickup location for the game would be in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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About the Founder

My name is Michaela. After playing fastpitch softball for 15 years, I began to notice the difficulties of carrying 3 different pairs of shoes to all games to be prepared for any field conditions that could be encountered. Bringing this many pairs of shoes was a challenge with having a limited amount of space.

During an Introduction to Business course, Protean Footwear began in 2023 to help athletes save money, save space, and easily be able to interchange the soles of their shoes.

Prototype Demonstration

Prototype Feedback

"I LOVE the idea. It seems simple enough to change them. The less us athletes have to carry the better! I typically carry at least 2 pairs of metals and turfs when I am playing, plus I have to carry my shoes for the gym. I personally go through many pairs a season."

- Rachel Garcia

Professional Softball Player, 2020 Olympic Silver Medalist for Team USA, Former pitcher for UCLA Softball, 2019 NCAA National Champion, 2019 & 2021 Honda Cup & Award Winner

Photo taken by Steve Cheng