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❗Protean Footwear’s Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon❗

🎉 We are excited to announce that in a few months, we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign!

✨ Our team has been working to create an innovative product that will change the way baseball and softball players experience their footwear.

🌎 Our Kickstarter campaign will provide you with the opportunity to become an early adopter of our game-changing product. Join us as we work to revolutionize the way baseball and softball players perform through their footwear!

🤝 Our Kickstarter campaign is not just about launching a new product, but also building a community of supporters. By backing our campaign, you will not only gain access to the presale of Protean Footwear's interchangeable cleats, but also become part of Protean Footwear's journey to change the game. Together, we will make a mark on the game of baseball and softball!

💡 As a token of our gratitude, we will be offering a wide variety of products for our supporters to receive, not just cleats! These items are exclusive for our early supporters. Stay tuned for more information!

💲 Currently, it is projected that the estimated cost of our cleats will be $250.00, with additional soles being available for purchase at a later date. This is subject to change based on our manufacturer.

⭐ As we prepare for our Kickstarter campaign to launch, we need your help to spread the word! Be sure to follow us on social media and join our waitlist to stay connected to be the first to know when our Kickstarter campaign goes live. Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to join this adventure as well!

📣 We will be counting on your support to help us reach our funding goal to help bring Protean Footwear's cleats to market. Every action you take - whether it's spreading the word, pledging your support, or inspiring others to do the same - will play a crucial role in the success of Protean Footwear and our Kickstarter campaign.

⌛ We will notify our supporters on our waitlist and social media pages when the Kickstarter is made available! Stay connected with us to ensure you do not miss this!

🌐 Please join the waitlist, located below!

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Together, we can allow athletes to dominate on every surface through Protean Footwear's interchangeable cleats.

Keep an eye out for our Kickstarter campaign and pre-sale - we can't wait to have you on board! More information will be released soon! 💫